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We empower nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants with the marketing, software, and human resources needed to succeed in providing profitable telehealth services online. 

Clients choose Klarity for it's comprehensive approach

As a private practice, there’s a million things to do. We ensure your focus is where it should be, on the patient. All those millions of distractions? That’s what we do for you. 

We'll fill your calendar with bookings

No seriously.  We’ve got your marketing costs, organic ranking and patient traffic covered.  No need to spend any time attracting business. 

You'll make more than ever

You’re rate of pay will tower over other use cases for your nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant license, all on your own schedule. 

You'll have the support you need

Ever feel like you need a personal assistant? On our platform, you’ll have one.  You will also have incredible customer service teams.  


Become a private practice

Simply sign up for an account with us.  We’ll help you create your entire PracticeFront containing your provider licensing and location information as well as your intended services.


Get up and running on Klarity's platform

You’ll get the support and training to understand our software, help you configure your bespoke practice requirements, and begin marketing your practice.


Meet your team, & delight your patients

Get settled in with all the human resource support systems in place for your success, and begin to see patients who are looking for an expert like you.  


Medical Providers




Site Visits


U.S. States

Community Support

Care Coordination Teams

You'll have constant support from your care coordination teams, ensuring you can focus on the patient, and not the administration.

Compliance Support

We run operational safety checks in all states we operate in on a regular basis. Your practice is as important to us as it is to you.

Practitioner Consultations

Weak in the knees at the thought of telehealth? Learn from our experts who'll provide you the outstanding advise.

Tax Support

We'll ensure you're given all the help you need to obtain an EIN number for tax purposes, and understand business options.

Hear from our clients

These are real, unscripted and honest thoughts from some of our finest private practices. 

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