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Asthma can impact every breath you take, but it doesn’t have to define your life. The providers on Klarity specialize in asthma treatment, understand the intricacies of asthma management, and are committed to helping you breathe easier.
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Tailored asthma care at your fingertips on Klarity

The approach to asthma care on Klarity is as dynamic as the condition itself. The providers on our platform offer a personalized treatment experience designed to adapt to your changing needs and ensure optimal control of your asthma symptoms.
How it works

Your steps to better asthma management on Klarity

Step 1
Connect with an asthma care specialist on Klarity
Your journey to better breathing starts with a virtual consultation. Providers on Klarity are ready to assess your asthma and create a management plan that’s right for you.
Step 2
Personalized asthma action plan on Klarity
Every asthma case is unique. A provider on Klarity will go over your medical history and help develop an asthma action plan tailored to manage your triggers and asthma symptoms effectively.
Step 3
Ongoing monitoring and medication management on Klarity
Asthma requires vigilance. Providers on Klarity offer ongoing care, including regular reviews of your Asthma Action Plan and asthma medication adjustments to match your current needs.
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Step 4
Education and support for self-management on Klarity
Understanding asthma is key to controlling it. Providers on Klarity give you the education and tools needed for self-management through your asthma treatment plan, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your care.

Frequently aksed questions

Yes, providers on Klarity can prescribe a range of asthma medications, including a rescue inhaler or long-term control medications that can be picked up at your local pharmacy.
Services provided by providers on Klarity should not be considered as a substitute for emergency care. If you have an asthma attack, you should seek immediate medical attention. Providers on Klarity can provide post-attack follow-up care and make an adjustment to your Asthma Action Plan.
Providers on Klarity can guide you on how to use peak flow meters and symptom diaries to monitor your asthma and recognize early signs of an exacerbation.
Absolutely. Providers on Klarity will discuss lifestyle changes that can help manage your asthma, including exercise, diet, and environmental modifications.
The frequency of follow-up consultations will depend on the severity of your asthma and how well it’s being controlled. Providers on Klarity will recommend a schedule that’s appropriate for you.
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Embrace Better Health with Asthma Management on Klarity

Ready to improve your quality of life? Schedule your first consultation with a provider on Klarity and take the first step towards effective asthma management.