Take control of your diabetes

Diabetes, whether type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, demands ongoing attention and personalized care. On Klarity, you can get connected with online diabetes doctors, offering comprehensive support to help you manage your condition effectively. This could include insulin therapy or eating healthy food and losing weight.
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Tailored diabetes care at your fingertips on Klarity

Providers on Klarity understand the complexities of developing diabetes and living with risk factors like heart disease or high blood pressure. Our platform facilitates access to expert providers who can offer personalized diabetes care plans focused on your unique needs and lifestyle to achieve a healthy weight and blood sugar levels.
How it works

Your steps to effective diabetes management on Klarity

Step 1
Connect with a diabetes specialist
Begin by scheduling an online consultation for diabetes treatment with any of the providers on Klarity. These board-certified providers will assess your medical history, physical activity, current health status, and diabetes management needs to get you in a healthy range.
Step 2
Personalized diabetes management plan
Receive a customized management plan, which may include medication management, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle changes to help control your blood sugar levels and prevent complications.
Step 3
Regular monitoring and adjustments
Diabetes management often requires continuous glucose monitoring and adjustments over time. Regular follow-ups with your provider on Klarity ensure your diabetes treatment plan remains effective and your diabetes is well-controlled.
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Step 4
Education and empowerment
Understanding diabetes is crucial for effective management of serious symptoms like low blood glucose levels or high blood pressure, which can lead to kidney disease. Providers on Klarity will equip you with the knowledge and resources to confidently manage your condition.

Frequently aksed questions

Yes, after assessing your condition, board-certified providers on Klarity can prescribe and manage insulin and other medications necessary for your diabetes treatment.
Providers on Klarity can assist with daily blood sugar monitoring, medication adjustments, and dietary planning and provide support for any challenges you face in managing your diabetes.
Providers on Klarity will discuss lifestyle changes, such as diet modifications, physical activity, and weight management strategies, that can significantly impact your diabetes control.
Yes, providers on Klarity are equipped to manage gestational diabetes, offering tailored advice and treatment plans to ensure the health of both mother and baby.
Fluctuating blood glucose levels require prompt attention. Providers on Klarity can help you identify the causes of fluctuations in blood sugar levels and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.
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Manage Your Diabetes with Confidence on Klarity

Don’t navigate diabetes alone. Connect with a provider on Klarity and start your journey to effectively treat diabetes today.