Ease your migraines and headaches with expert care

Headaches, ranging from tension headaches to migraines, can significantly disrupt daily life. With Klarity, administrative and support service, you can choose your own healthcare provider who’s experienced in migraine headache management, offering personalized online or in-person migraine treatment to help you find relief.
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Personalized migraine treatment on Klarity

Klarity recognizes the need to treat migraines with tailored headache treatment. Pick your own licensed provider who can develop a customized care plan to address the specific type and cause of your headaches.
How it works

Your path to migraine relief starts on Klarity

Step 1
Consult with a migraine specialist
Start by browsing through the list of providers on Klarity by area of expertise and reviews, and then book an online consultation with the one who best suits your needs. Providers on Klarity will assess your health history, migraine symptoms, patterns, triggers, and any associated symptoms to understand your condition fully.
Step 2
Receive a customized treatment plan
Based on your initial consultation, you'll get a personalized migraine treatment plan. This may include prescription medication management, such as anti-nausea medications, lifestyle modifications, and advice on avoiding triggers to effectively treat migraine headaches.
Step 3
Ongoing support and medication adjustments
Consistent care is crucial for managing migraine medication. Regular follow-ups with your provider on Klarity ensure that your migraine treatment remains effective and your headaches are under control with preventative medications
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Step 4
Comprehensive lifestyle guidance
In addition to migraine medications, providers on Klarity will offer guidance on lifestyle factors, such as stress management, diet, and sleep habits, which can all influence migraine pain frequency and intensity.

Frequently aksed questions

Yes, providers on Klarity can prescribe and manage medications specifically tailored for chronic migraines or headaches as part of your treatment plan. You will then be able to pick up your prescription medications at a local pharmacy and begin your personalized treatment plan for severe migraines.
Providers on Klarity can help you identify potential migraine triggers by analyzing your headache patterns, lifestyle, and environmental factors.
Yes, providers on Klarity can recommend non-medication approaches such as relaxation techniques, biofeedback, and lifestyle changes that can effectively manage migraines and provide pain relief for severe headaches.
Stress is a common trigger for migraines and headaches. A medical provider on Klarity can offer strategies for stress management to help reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines or headaches.
If your migraines worsen, it’s important to schedule a follow-up consultation with a provider on Klarity to reassess your condition and adjust your online migraine treatment plan.
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Find Relief from Migraines on Klarity

Don’t let migraines and headaches control your life. Schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider on the Klarity platform today and take the first step towards effective migraine management and relief.