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Sinus infections, also called sinusitis, can cause significant discomfort with symptoms like nasal congestion, facial pain, and sinus pressure. Klarity connects you to healthcare providers who can offer prompt, effective treatment for sinus infections, helping you find relief quickly and conveniently.
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Your path to sinus relief on Klarity

Klarity simplifies the process of finding treatment for most sinus infections. Klarity connects you with experienced providers who will provide personalized care to alleviate your symptoms and address the root cause of your acute sinusitis.
How it works

Streamlined steps to sinus infection treatment on Klarity

Step 1
Schedule your online consultation
Accessing care is straightforward: book a consultation for your sinus infection online with a provider on Klarity. They will evaluate your sinus infection symptoms and medical history to diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options like prescribing antibiotics for bacterial infections or viral infections.
Step 2
Personalized treatment plan
Receive a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Whether your viral or bacterial infection requires antibiotics, steroids, or other therapies, a medical provider on Klarity can prescribe the appropriate medication.
Step 3
Prescription delivery to your pharmacy, if applicable
Sinus infection medications will be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy, ensuring you can begin treatment without delay.
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Step 4
Continuous support and care
Providers on Klarity are available for follow-up appointments to ensure your sinus infection is responding to treatment and to adjust your care plan as necessary.

Frequently aksed questions

Providers on Klarity can help distinguish between a sinus infection and a cold by assessing your symptoms, which may include prolonged nasal congestion, facial pain, and discolored nasal discharge.
If a provider on Klarity determines that your sinus infection is bacterial, they may prescribe antibiotics in addition to nasal sprays to help clear the infection.
Providers on Klarity can recommend a variety of home remedies and over-the-counter treatments to help relieve symptoms while the underlying infection is being treated.
If your symptoms persist or worsen, it’s important to have a follow-up online visit with a provider on Klarity to reassess your condition and adjust your treatment plan.
Providers on Klarity can offer advice on preventive measures, including lifestyle changes, managing allergies, and techniques to keep your sinuses healthy.
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Take the next step in your sinus infection relief journey

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