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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be painful and disruptive. With Klarity’s platform, you can choose a healthcare provider who offers quick and confidential UTI treatment, ensuring you get the care you need without the wait.
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Personalized UTI care with convenience on Klarity

Klarity can connect you with a provider who understands the urgency and discomfort that comes with urinary tract infections. Pick your own provider on Klarity who can diagnose and treat your UTI promptly, so you can return to comfort sooner.
How it works

Effective UTI treatment steps on Klarity

Step 1
Schedule a same-day virtual consultation
Immediate care is crucial. Otherwise, the UTI could lead to a kidney infection or other bacterial infections. Book a same-day consultation with a provider on Klarity who can go over your medical history and swiftly address your UTI symptoms and concerns.
Step 2
Receive a personalized treatment plan
After assessing your symptoms, a provider on Klarity will prescribe a treatment plan that may include UTI antibiotics or other medications to effectively treat the urinary tract infection.
Step 3
Quick prescription delivery
Some lab work or testing may be required, then your UTI prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy promptly, ensuring you can start your treatment as soon as possible.
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Step 4
Follow-up care for UTI management
UTI treatment may require follow-up to prevent recurrence. Providers on Klarity offer follow-up consultations to ensure your infection is fully resolved and to discuss preventive measures.

Frequently aksed questions

Yes, after a consultation and confirmation of a UTI, providers on Klarity may prescribe UTI antibiotics online to treat the infection. Antibiotic treatment will be provided if the medical professional determines that to be appropriate for your situation.
Common UTI symptoms include a strong urge to urinate, frequent urination, burning sensation during urination, cloudy urine, and pelvic pain. A medical provider on Klarity can help diagnose your condition and prescribe antibiotics if needed.
Yes, providers on Klarity can safely prescribe treatment for urinary tract infections after an online consultation if they determine prescription medication is right for you. However, if you have severe UTI symptoms, they may advise you to seek in-person care. You can check to see if your provider on Klarity offers in-person appointments, as not all providers on Klarity do.
Providers on Klarity can discuss treatment options for recurrent UTIs and suggest lifestyle changes or preventive measures to reduce your risk of continual UTIs, most commonly a lower urinary tract infection.
Providers on Klarity can offer personalized advice on lifestyle changes and preventive measures to help reduce the risk of future urinary tract infections and bladder or kidney infections, ensuring you stay informed and proactive about your urinary health.
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