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Pneumonia, a serious lung infection and requires timely and effective treatment. Klarity connects you with healthcare providers experienced in pneumonia management, offering personalized care to help you recover and regain your health.
expert pneumonia care
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Personalized pneumonia treatment on Klarity

Providers on Klarity recognize the importance of individualized treatment for pneumonia. Our platform facilitates access to providers who can develop a care plan tailored to the type of pneumonia you have and your specific pneumonia symptom, whether you’re experiencing chest pain or have trouble breathing.
How it works

Getting started with pneumonia treatment online is streamlined

Step 1
Schedule an online consultation
Start by booking an online or in-person appointment. Providers on Klarity will assess your pneumonia symptoms, medical history, and any relevant factors to provide a pneumonia diagnosis and understand the severity of your fungal, viral, or bacterial pneumonia.
Step 2
Receive a customized treatment plan
Based on your assessment, you'll get a personalized treatment plan for your respiratory infection. Treatment options may include antifungals for fungal pneumonia, antivirals for viral pneumonia, or antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia. An in-person visit, lab work, and other testing may be required.
Step 3
Ongoing monitoring and support
Recovering from pneumonia often involves follow-up care. Providers on Klarity offer regular check-ins to monitor your recovery and make adjustments to your treatment as needed.
expert pneumonia care
expert pneumonia care and communication with doctors about pneumonia
Step 4
Guidance on recovery and preventing complications
Providers on Klarity will provide advice on how to effectively recover from pneumonia and strategies to prevent potential complications, including tips on strengthening your lungs and immune system.

Frequently aksed questions

Yes, providers on Klarity can prescribe antibiotics and other necessary medications to treat pneumonia. We’ll send the prescription to your local pharmacy so you can start treatment right away.
Providers on Klarity can help you recognize signs of worsening pneumonia, such as increased shortness of breath, chest pain, or a high fever, and advise on the next steps.
The recovery time can vary depending on the severity of pneumonia and your overall health. Providers on Klarity can give you a more personalized timeline based on your condition.
Providers on Klarity can offer advice on pneumonia prevention, including vaccinations, hygiene practices, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to boost your immune system. People with weakened immune systems and those over the age of 65 are more at risk and should take extra precautions. You can also avoid risk factors like smog, pollution, or tobacco.
This depends on the severity of your pneumonia. Providers on Klarity can assess whether home-based care is suitable for you or if hospitalization is recommended based on the severity of your symptoms and whether you are at risk of serious complications.
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Start your pneumonia recovery with Klarity

If you’re facing pneumonia, prompt and effective treatment is crucial. Schedule a consultation with a medical provider on Klarity today to begin your journey toward recovery.