Empower your life with effective lupus management

Lupus, a complex autoimmune disease, requires thoughtful and expert management. Klarity provides a platform to connect with healthcare providers who specialize in treating lupus, offering you comprehensive care and support to manage lupus symptoms, including joint pain.
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Personalized lupus care on Klarity

Recognizing the unique challenges of living with lupus, you can get connected with providers who can offer personalized care plans focusing on your specific symptoms and health goals, on Klarity. Whether it’s managing fatigue, addressing joint pain, or navigating the emotional aspects of chronic illness, providers on Klarity are committed to understanding your unique needs.
How it works

Your journey to managing Lupus through Klarity

Step 1
Schedule a consultation with a lupus specialist
Begin by booking an online or in-person consultation. Providers on Klarity will assess your medical history, current symptoms, and any previous lupus treatments to fully understand your condition.
Step 2
Develop a tailored lupus management plan
Receive a customized management plan that addresses your individual needs. This may include medication management, lifestyle recommendations, and strategies to manage flare-ups and reduce symptom severity.
Step 3
Ongoing support and medication adjustments
Managing lupus often involves ongoing adjustments and support. Providers on Klarity offer regular follow-up appointments to monitor your condition, adjust medications, and provide continuous support.
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Step 4
Lifestyle and self-care strategies
Providers on Klarity will guide you in adopting effective self-care and lifestyle strategies. This includes advice on diet, exercise, stress management, and techniques to reduce joint pain and other symptoms and improve overall well-being.

Frequently aksed questions

Yes, providers on Klarity can prescribe and manage medications specifically aimed at treating lupus and its symptoms. Common medications for treating lupus include immunosuppressants like azathioprine and cyclophosphamide.
Providers on Klarity can help you identify triggers for flare-ups and develop strategies to manage them, including adjustments in medication and lifestyle changes.
Providers on Klarity can recommend lifestyle modifications such as diet changes, stress reduction techniques, and appropriate exercises that can positively impact lupus management.
Providers on Klarity can offer guidance on skin care and protection to prevent rashes and other lupus-related skin issues.
Providers on Klarity can offer not just medical support but also advice on emotional and mental well-being, which is crucial for those living with a chronic disease like lupus. Klarity can connect you with a therapist as well as a medical provider.
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Begin Your Lupus Management with Klarity

Take an active role in managing your lupus. Schedule a consultation with a healthcare provider on Klarity today and start your personalized journey toward better health and improved quality of life.