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Is there a coupon for Wegovy? How to get a Wegovy coupon

Written by Dennis Aronov

Published: May 6, 2024

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Sheelu Bhatnagar

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You’re not the only one who is struggling with Wegovy’s price tag. Whether you’re currently using Wegovy or considering it, the cost is likely a major concern. Don’t worry, there are ways to lower the price. In this article, we explore all you need to know about finding a Wegovy coupon. 

The high cost of $1,349.02 per package for Wegovy can be a large obstacle for those looking to lose weight. But, there’s hope—coupons are available to help lower the cost of Wegovy.

If you’re ready to move forward in your weight loss journey, get a prescription for Wegovy or another weight loss medication online within 24 hours with support from an online weight loss provider on Klarity.

Find out if a prescription for Wegovy is right for you.

Why do you need a Wegovy coupon?

The price of prescription drugs can be a major obstacle for a lot of people. Wegovy is a weight loss injection that has a retail cost of $1,349.02 per package. This comes out to about $337.30 a week or $16,188.20 a year. The retail cost is what the manufacturer, Novo Nordisk, charges pharmacies. 

Pharmacies typically add a markup margin, ranging from 4% to 25% of the original purchase price, which affects what you’ll pay for Wegovy. Also, the availability of coupons and savings programs, insurance coverage, and where you buy Wegovy all have an impact on the total cost.

Wegovy insurance coverage can vary based on your particular plan. You may have to pay more out of pocket for the prescription if your plan does not cover the full cost of the medication or places it in a higher tier. Getting coverage is made more difficult by having to deal with the prior authorization process for medications like Wegovy. If you have to appeal a prior authorization denial, you may be responsible for the full price while you wait for a decision.  

It’s important to carefully review your insurance plan’s coverage details and work closely with your healthcare provider to make sure you understand your options and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Wegovy coupons make it easier for you to afford the medication, helping to lower the cost of Wegovy. By using these coupons and savings programs, you can make your medically-supervised weight loss journey more affordable.

How to get a coupon for Wegovy

A prescription from a medical professional is needed to buy Wegovy. There are multiple ways to get Wegovy for free or at a reduced cost with your prescription.

Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy Savings Card program

The Novo Nordisk Wegovy Savings Card program is the best place to look for savings. People who qualify can get discounts or even get Wegovy for free.

If you have insurance coverage, you may be eligible for a free 28-day supply of Wegovy. The program caps savings on a 28-day supply at $225 for up to 13 refills. If your copay is $300 for a 28-day supply, you’ll only pay $75 with the Wegovy Savings Card.

You can still use the Wegovy Savings Card without insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover it or if your insurance denied your prior authorization and save up to $500 on a 28-day supply. 

Visit Novo Nordisk’s eligibility website to find out whether you qualify for the Wegovy Savings Card program.

Prescription drug discount sites offer Wegovy coupons

Whether you have insurance or not, you may find savings on Wegovy at prescription drug discount sites like GoodRx,, WellRx, OptumPerks, and SingleCare. These sites can offer discounts and coupons that can help lower the cost of your Wegovy prescription, making it more accessible and affordable for you. The table below details discount offers on Wegovy from prescription drug discount sites at time of publication. 

Prescription drug discount siteDiscount offer
GoodRxAs low as $1,311
Drugs.comUp to 80% off
WellRxAs low as $1,300
OptumPerksAs low as $1,331
SingleCareAs low as $1,234

*Prices depend on location (those here are for Houston, Texas) as of the date of publication.

How to get a coupon for Wegovy if you’re retired

Coupons can help you control the cost of Wegovy if you’re retired. Unfortunately, Wegovy isn’t eligible for discounts with the AARP Prescription Discount Card. Coupons from prescription drug discount websites, like SingleCare, GoodRx,, WellRx, and OptumPerks, can still help reduce your cost of Wegovy.

How to get a Wegovy coupon if you’re on Medicare

Medicare typically doesn’t cover Wegovy for weight loss purposes. However, if you have heart disease and are overweight or obese, and your doctor prescribes Wegovy to reduce your risk of cardiovascular events like heart attack or stroke, Medicare may cover it . In March 2024, the FDA approved Wegovy for reducing the risk of cardiovascular events in people with pre-existing heart disease who are overweight or obese.

You’re not eligible for the Wegovy Savings Card program if you’re enrolled in Medicare. You can still use coupons from prescription drug discount sites with or without insurance with Medicare. 

How to get a coupon for Wegovy if you’re on Medicaid

Medicaid coverage for Wegovy varies depending on where you live. Each state makes its own decisions about which prescription drugs to cover through Medicaid.

As of the date of publication, only 8 states cover Wegovy under Medicaid — Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

The Wegovy Savings Card isn’t available to you if you’re enrolled in Medicaid. To find a Wegovy coupon without insurance, ask your pharmacy or visit your favorite prescription drug discount site like OptumPerks, GoodRx,, WellRx, and SingleCare.

Using compounded semaglutide to lower the cost of Wegovy

Another option to reduce costs is using compounded semaglutide. Custom-made by pharmacists, compounded drugs are frequently less expensive than name-brand equivalents. 

Compounded medications can offer a personalized solution. It’s important to go over compounded semaglutide with your healthcare provider before making a decision. They can offer advice on the safety, effectiveness, and appropriateness of compounded drugs based on your unique medical situation. If compounded semaglutide is a good option for you, find a reliable compounding pharmacy that requires a prescription. 

Key Takeaway

Wegovy (semaglutide) is a prescription medication with a retail price of $1,349.02 per package. If you’re considering Wegovy for weight loss, Wegovy coupons can help make it more affordable whether you have insurance coverage or not. You may be eligible for savings through the Wegovy Savings Card program. You can also reduce the cost of Wegovy with prescription drug discount sites, such as WellRx, GoodRx,, OptumPerks, and SingleCare. Choosing compounded semaglutide is another savings option if you and your provider agree it’s right for you.

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On the Klarity platform, find a licensed healthcare provider who can help you with a tailored weight loss plan that may include medication. Your provider will work with you to determine whether Wegovy or another medication best suits your goals. Find a provider on Klarity today.

FAQs on Wegovy coupons

How long is the Wegovy coupon good for?

Wegovy coupons from prescription drug discount sites like GoodRx, Optum Perks, and WellRx don’t have expiration dates. They can be used as often as necessary. Print a fresh coupon every time you refill your prescription to be sure you’re getting the best deal at the pharmacy. If you’re using the Wegovy Savings Card to reduce your costs, it’s good for 13 refills. 

How do you get a Wegovy coupon?

To get a Wegovy coupon, explore discount sites, such as, WellRx, OptumPerks, GoodRx, and SingleCare. These sites often provide coupons to use at your local pharmacy without insurance. For the Wegovy Savings Card, visit the eligibility page for details and to see if you qualify. 

How much is Wegovy with a coupon?

You can get Wegovy for 3 to 80% off with a coupon from a prescription discount site, depending on which site you use and where you buy your prescription. If you have insurance that covers Wegovy and use the Wegovy Savings Card, you may be eligible for a free 28-day supply or to save up to $225 a month on up to 13 refills. Without insurance, you might save up to $500 for a 28-day supply using the Wegovy Savings Card.

Can I use a Wegovy coupon if I have insurance?

Wegovy coupons from prescription discount sites can be used with or without insurance. You can also save with the Wegovy Savings Card if you have insurance. You’re not eligible for the Savings Card if you have a federal or state health care program like Medicaid or Medicare. 


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