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Online ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment in the Bronx

Get easy and affordable online ADHD diagnosis and treatment in the Bronx, NY

An first-time online appointment with a licensed ADHD healthcare specialist is $149. ADHD treatment plans begin at $25/month. 

Same Day Appointments Available

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$25/month, no subscription

ADHD treatment at your discretion.

see provider any time

ADHD care around your schedule

Convenient, easy ADHD treatment.

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Certified and Licensed

Klarity’s ADHD healthcare specialists provide care for the Bronx.

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Convenient treatment

Simple, fast ADHD treatment when you need it most.

Focus on what you need

Personalized online ADHD
diagnosis and treatment.





Looking for ADHD Treatment?

Schedule an online appointment with a NY ADHD healthcare specialist.

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Step 1: 30-minute online visit

Get an ADHD appointment within 48 hours.

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Step 2: Pick up medication

Get your ADHD prescription the same day.

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Step 3: Online refill

Refilling your medication couldn’t be easier.

Looking for ADHD Diagnosis?

Believe you may suffer from ADHD? Klarity can help.

see provider any time

Step 1: 30-minute online visit

Get your ADHD diagnosis within 30 minutes.


Step 2: Evaluation Report

Your official ADHD report confirms your diagnosis.

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Step 3: Pickup treatment

Monthly ADHD medication management has never been this easy and effective.

Truly affordable.
Pricing designed with you in mind.

No subscription or membership required. Pay only for your appointments.


Initial visit


Per follow-ups


Per refills

Please note that the pricing for in-person visits may vary based on various factors such as location, the private practice’s pricing, and other considerations.

HSA/FSA eligible
Easy out of network claims
Free cancellation & reschedule 24 hours before the visit
No insurance needed
24/7 access to your provider
Free transfer between providers*

*When switching to a new provider, Klarity discounts the initial visit fee ($149) to be equivalent to the follow-up visit fee ($59). There is no net new cost to switch to a different provider.

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The ADHD care you deserve

The Bronx, NY Online ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

If you’re a resident of the Bronx suffering from ADHD symptoms, Klarity is ready to help you feel normal again. Schedule a consultation with a New York-based ADHD healthcare provider for your ADHD diagnosis and treatment plan.

Is restlessness or impulsivity ruining your life but you can’t understand why? If you suspect you struggle with ADHD, take our free online ADHD evaluation and find out if you do indeed suffer from the common mental disorder.

If you’re diagnosed with ADHD by one of our certified medical professionals, you’ll get an official evaluation for school or work, and your doctor will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. An initial online appointment has a one-time only fee of $149. ADHD medication management with a licensed Bronx healthcare provider is only $25/month. 

Klarity provides online ADHD diagnosis and treatment to the Bronx, NY residents. Click here to schedule an initial appointment and break free from ADHD with Klarity today!

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I received my evaluation the second day after submitting the form. Finally, there's someone I can fully trust and help me improve my quality of life."

Wade, B. Florida

Effective Treatment

"I was really hesitant at beginning of seeking an ADHD provider online until I tried Klarity with Dr. David. He improved my meds and I'm feeling much better now."

Jennis, F. Kentucky

Easy Refills

"I used to drive to my provider every month for a simple refill. Now I can just tap on my phone and receive my med on time each month. Magic! I should have this year ago."

Robert, L. New York

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