Klarity Platform

Klarity is one of a kind.  Our platform completely revolutionizes the private practice by providing the software, marketing, and customer service your private practice needs to be successful. 

Our clients chose Klarity for good reason

Our platform includes everything a private practice needs to be immediately successful.  You focus on treating patients, and we take care of the rest. 

Provider Software


Marketing Services


Personal Assistants

Care Team


PracticeFront is the virtual StoreFront for medical providers.  Whether you are displayed through Klarityadhd.com, Zoc Doc, or through our soon to be provided personal websites, your presence will be right where you want it.  In front of patients. 

OmniChannel Display

Our goal is to ensure your services are professional, attractive, competitive, and available throughout the web.  We’ll display your profile on web fronts like Klarityadhd.com, Zoc Doc, Sesame Care, and others to ensure you get the most business.

PersonalCare Teams

You’ll have constant access to care coordination teams, personal assistants, and customer service agents.  These teams work together to not only take work off your shoulders, but to ensure your patients have the best possible experience working with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We really do.  We not only run marketplaces like klarityadhd.com, we are building out connections to locations like zoc doc and others so that we can bring you even more business.  All costs for marketing, including organic ranking, paid ad placement, and engineering costs to other marketplaces is all covered by our platform. 

Some of this depends on how quickly you want to join.  There are a number of license and registration requirements we’ll need to confirm and receive from you, and you’ll need to learn the EHR from our helpful onboarding staff and training videos.  In general you can be live in a matter of weeks and taking patients immediately upon having your profile go live on our Klarity marketplace. 

Yes, we do! If you need a collaborating physician, we will provide you up to $500 a month in reimbursement costs for your supervising physician.  

None.  Zero.  Nada.  Our business is to make you successful.  Your business is to be an excellent, ethical medical professional.  It’s your private practice! You decide who you will treat, and what treatment plans you employ. 

Are you ready to build and run your own private practice?