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Your online private practice, simplified.  Spend more time meeting with patients and zero time fussing with the complications of running a business.  

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Simply create your practice, go live on our proprietary booking system, and start seeing patients quickly and easily. 

Step one

Create your practice

Step two

Get your practice running

Step Three

See patients, produce outcomes

Become a private practice

Simply sign up for an account with us.  We’ll help you create your entire PracticeFront containing your provider licensing and location information as well as your intended services.


Get up and running on Klarity's platform

You’ll get the support and training to understand our software, help you configure your bespoke practice requirements, and begin marketing your practice.


Meet your team, & delight your patients

Get settled in with all the human resource support systems in place for your success, and begin to see patients who are looking for an expert like you.  

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