Hello Klarity

Klarity is more than just a marketplace, it’s a complete replacement for the physical office, handling anything non-medically related for your private practice to thrive.  

Klarity is your comprehensive solution

We'll fill your calendar with bookings

No seriously.  We’ve got your marketing costs, organic ranking and patient traffic covered.  No need to spend any time attracting business. 

You'll make more than ever

You’re rate of pay will tower over other use cases for your nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant license, all on your own schedule. 

You'll have the support you need

Ever feel like you need a personal assistant? On our platform, you’ll have one.  You will also have incredible customer service teams.  


We grow healthcare providers business opportunities

Our mission is simple.  Increase access to patient care through the empowerment of nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants through an innovative and transformative platform designed with private practices in mind. 

Our Mission

We are on an ambitious mission to transform healthcare delivery by enabling independent practices to thrive. We help healthcare providers manage their business, stay compliant and connect with patients through a suite of easy-to-use software products.



Klarity ADHD

Klarityadhd.com connects prospective patients with private practices by handling the organic search rankings, paid ad placement, and registration workflows necessary to enable private practices to immediately fill their calendars and perform psychiatric medical services.  

Are you ready to build and run your own private practice?