Community Support

Klarity is growing, fast! Join with other nurse practitioners operating private practices, learn from their experiences and learn best practices from experts on the platform. 

We’re Here to Help You Grow

Care Coordination Teams

You'll have constant support from your care coordination teams, ensuring you can focus on the patient, and not the administration.

Compliance Support

We run operational safety checks in all states we operate in on a regular basis. Your practice is as important to us as it is to you.

Practitioner Consultations

Weak in the knees at the thought of telehealth? Learn from our experts who'll provide you the outstanding advise.

Tax Support

We'll ensure you're given all the help you need to obtain an EIN number for tax purposes, and understand business options.

Join the network of private practices in over 30 states operating with the Klarity platform

Easily send instant messages to your colleagues, schedule consultations with one another, and plan together. 

Compliance Support

Does your state require a collaborating physician? Or, maybe your state requires a special registration? No matter what state you’re in, we’ll point you in the right direction and help ensure your operating with full legal compliance in your state. 

Tax Support

One of the first steps to operating as a private practice is to start your business.  You’ll need an EIN number, and you’ll need to decide which business model you want to establish for yourself.  We can help provide guidance to ensure your business is on the right track.   

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