David Lee Queen

I look to the opportunity in every challenge, the solution in every problem.  I love to motivate, to teach, to coach and to be there for my teams. 

As Director Of Operations, David Queen oversees much of the day to day running of the organization, including managing the customer service teams, the practitioner care teams, the legal & compliance departments, and the onboarding & recruiting departments. 

His leadership style is high motivation through positive coaching, high output through excellent multitasking and delegation, and a dedication to getting things done right, quickly.  

In the six months since his hire, the company has seen rapid expansion of onboarded practitioners, the development of new departments, and the creation of two new websites for the organization.  

In his previous work, he’s been an accomplished web developer, leader and manager of multiple startup organizations.  

In his free time he enjoys off road trucking, and the occasional cigar.